Contact Lenses

A Comprehensive Eye Exam Comes First

A comprehensive eye exam is performed prior to being fit with contact lenses. This exam is an important part of your overall health. Our doctors can check for signs of serious health conditions like hypertension and diabetes by looking into your eyes. During this examination, our doctors determine your prescription for lenses that correct your vision and check for eye health problems that could interfere with successful contact lens wear.

Contact Lens Evaluation

In addition to a comprehensive eye exam, a contact lens evaluation is needed. An examination of the ocular surface with quantitative measurements is made to determine what size and type of contact lens is best suited for your eyes. Everyone is an individual and one type of contact lens will not suit everyone’s eyes. In many cases, trial lenses are employed to substantiate the contact lens choice. Lenses will be fitted on your eye and our doctors evaluate the position and movement of different meridians. The contact lens evaluation may include a number of subsequent visits to confirm the lenses are fitting well.

The final result of the contact lens evaluation allows our doctors to provide a contact lens prescription that is custom fit for your eyes. This prescription is different from an eyeglass prescription. An improper fitting of contacts can damage the health of the eyes. Each custom fitting requires additional time, measurements, and testing. An additional cost is involved with this evaluation. Whether you wear glasses or contacts, an annual exam is important to maintain your eye health and best vision.

Below you will find some of the contact lens manufacturers we use:

Bausch + Lomb
Cooper Vision